Voice over IP

The Voice over IP platform provided by Ekton is a PBX Software System (or an Internet PBX: IPBX) which does in software what many expensive PBX systems do in custom hardware, such as voicemail, voice / email forwarding, call forwarding, voice menus, multi-ring – these are just a few of the hundreds of features provided by the Software PBX System. The goal of a PBX is not just to connect people inside of the office to each other, but also to connect those people to external endpoints, traditionally on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Ekton provides consulting and engineering services to implement a wide range of projects including design, verification, implementation, integration and support of software PBX systems.

Cost efficiency

 The PBX System Software is a highly flexible and extensible telephone system, providing many features that are not yet available in even the most advanced proprietary systems, and also the most efficient in terms of costs and scalability. The telephony network based on the PBX System can be extended to any size, in accordance with the business needs of each company. There is practically no upper limit for the number of terminals and/or servers.

Key technical benefit

The main advantage of the PBX System provided by Ekton is its multifunctional dimension. It can fully function:

  • as a switch: it can be configured as the core of an IP or hybrid PBX, switching calls, managing routes, enabling features, and connecting callers with the outside world over IP, analog (POTS), and digital (T1/E1) connections.
  • as a gateway: it can also be built out as the heart of a media gateway, bridging the legacy PSTN to the expanding world of IP telephony. Its modular architecture allows it to convert between a wide range of communications protocols and media codecs.
  • as a feature/media server: it can provide an IVR, a conference bridge, an automated attendant, a replacement for an aging voicemail system, unified messaging and much more.
  • as a core-solution for a call center: it can be adopted by all-scale call centers, based on its flexibility, as it brings new life to existing call center solutions by adding remote IP agent capabilities, advanced skills-based routing, predictive and bulk dialing.

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