Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a system which enables improved performance for an organization by using PALMs for sales agents work.

Sales Force Automation may be viewed as a tool to interconnect sale processes and increase business profitability by solving real customer needs through real-time data transmission from the agent to the company and vice versa, directly in/from ERP.

By means of software tools, Sales Force Automation collects data from sales representatives and gives a better view of the status of the relationship with the company’s clients. It aims at connecting sales activity with marketing activity, customer support, accounting, inventory management. This process is very important in reducing the sale and delivery cycle and thus increasing the rotation speed in the stocks. It also allows the institutionalization of all information held by sales representatives thus providing useful information to the management.

SFA benefits:

  • Increased productivity of sales force by its automation;
  • Allocates extra time to sales agents for addressing issues of real importance;
  • The possibility of monitoring sales agents’ activity throughout a day or any specified period;
  • Company revenue growth and efficient management of business;
  • Optimize inventory, reduce distribution costs.

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