Info Messages

Ekton Info Messages system was developed by our company as a info service platform with the main purpose to improve communication between company, customers, partners and employees.

This system can be integrated with any type of ERP financial applications, customer management systems or with applications meant to monitor network servers, or  Nagios / CACTI type.


Advantages of Ekton Info Messages: 

  • Significantly higher speed compared to conventional mobile phone or modem type GPRS/3G ⇒ sending 2,000 SMS per minute vs. 3 SMS per minute;
  • Integration with any type of application ERP / CRM / Nagios / CACTI and subsystems;
  • Sending automatic messages immediately after the issuance of bills or other actions of the integrated processes;
  • Availability of service: 24/24, 7 / 7;
  • Online delivery status tracking;
  • Web Reporting and tracking messages.

Ekton Info Messages solution offers functionalities that are tailored according to partner profile and its specific activities and needs.


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