Enterprise Resource Planning

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are modular programs where each area of a company’s activity is covered by a specific application. Integrated modules of an ERP system work using a common database and can operate independently. Below are several categories of modules used to manage an organization’s activity:



–           Production: Production planning and tracking.

–          Management: track inventory, suppliers, clients, payments etc.

–          Accounting: Financial accounting records.

–          Human Resources Management

–          Reports, analyses, forecasts.

Ekton ERP is a comprehensive application with highly advanced features and performance which can be tailored to the specific needs of a company’s activity. Its features include:

  • Management of business processes and activities by providing concrete and concise information;
  • A comprehensive and easy to manage user interface which increases productivity by saving the total amount of time spent in working processes;
  • Ability to adapt quickly to permanently changing commercial environment with minimum business interruptions;
  • Efficient support in making management decisions based on intelligent information provided in real-time;
  • Built-in mechanisms for planning and control activities and workflow functionality.


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