Enterprise Digital Solutions

Enterprise Digital Solutions are the next phase of evolution for hospitality businesses who want to stay competitive and always on the top of customer preferences. Old-fashioned paper menus are being replaced rapidly by ultra-efficient smart menus that bring a new and fascinating experience to the businesses’ valued guests.

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    • Smart Digital Menu is an interactive wireless touch screen tablet menu that allows customers of a restaurant to browse, visualize and order food directly from their tables without having to depend on a waiter to take their order. It is a great way to share information to customers about the served food, as they can actually see the pictures of dishes in the menu, read about its ingredients, preparation process, calories and other relevant information. Also, customers are able to insert notes to an order, call service, play games, surf the internet, request check etc. Thus, business owners can be confident that they deliver impeccable service to their guests and rise up to a high level of customer satisfaction.
    • Smart Digital Menu for smartphones. This is a solution that makes it possible for a restaurant’s guests to download and visualize its menu directly on their smartphones.
    • Smart Digital Menu for smartphones – deliveries units. Do you have a food delivery business, and want your customers to order directly from their smartphones? Make it possible for your customers to download your restaurant’s menu directly on their smartphones and place their order from there.
    • Smart Digital Menu for waiters. Do you want to optimize your waiters activity allowing them to efficiently monitor your guests orders? Smart Digital Menu for waiters is a great solution for you!


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