About us

Five years ago we set up to build a software development company that focused on delivering quality and effective solutions to the most difficult challenges faced by organizations and at the same time with the purpose to take care of the small, day-by-day issues on which the running of the business depends.

Our dedicated experts have proven experience in software development and IT services since 1998 and are truly passionate about delivering complex solutions which are yet highly comprehensive and easy to use.

Our mission

Here at Ekton we are great advocates for efficiency. We understand the importance placed by organizations on the need to improve business processes and at the same time lower total expenses. Ekton’s dedicated team of experts works side by side with our customers in order to identify and implement the most efficient ways to support a smooth running of the day to day business processes. We don’t just provide solutions to our clients. We also collaborate with them to ensure that our services support their business objectives effectively.

Our values

Ever since its establishment in 2007, Ekton has been driven by the following values:

Passion for our work

Each day, passion and enthusiasm for our work is our source of energy. We do what we love and we love what we do!

Commitment and dedication to our clients

We believe our clients are entitled to expect only the very best from us and we do everything in our power to fulfill this expectation, thus focusing all our resources on delivering only the best results each and every time we work with someone.


We place great value on finding new ways to improve businesses and win in the market place, thus bringing mutual benefits to our partners.


We build our work on strong moral and ethical values and reflect these values in our every action and decision.

Our clients

Our areas of expertise

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Linux
  • Android 
  • iOS