Custom Software Development

Custom made software is usually developed when commercial, off-the shelves applications do not meet the organization’s business requirements. In this case, custom made solutions are developed in order to fit a company’s business environment.

Ekton’s proven experience and expertise in providing custom software solutions has enabled us to achieve excellent results, high levels of performance and even exceed our customer’s expectations and help them gain competitive advantages. Our dedication to efficiency, quality and comprehensiveness reflects in every customer solution we deliver.

Ekton’s usual approach when delivering a custom software solution is the following:

Benefits of Ekton Custom Software Solutions:


–          Efficient and easy to use applications;

–          Providing of cost friendly solutions;

–          Guaranteed delivery upon agreed deadlines.


We believe our clients are entitled to expect only the very best from us and we do everything in our power to fulfill this expectation, thus focusing all our resources on delivering only the best results each and every time we work with someone.

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