Database Design and Administration

Efficient data junction within a company involves planning. How the data is stored, designed and configured has a critical bearing on successful business operations for any organization.

Database performance is determined by many factors – such as size, the way data is stored or indexed, processing power of the hardware in use, number of users, etc. Good design is crucial to good performance. Thus, an efficient database design and administration must cover the following issues:

  • Integrity – verifying data integrity;
  • Security – access controls to the data;
  • Availability – providing maximum uptime;
  • Recoverability – creating backups;
  • Performance – providing maximum performance given budgetary constraints.

At Ekton we always make sure to take care of these issues whenever we implement and administrate databases for our customers. We deliver professional, accurate and efficient database administration services to make sure our clients benefit from a smooth run of their business operations.


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